ADI Microscan F750 refresh

By Ivan Svabo
Jul 16, 2003
  1. I've bought ADI Microscan F750 and monitor rules, but...
    I've wanted that model cause i've read it supports 100hz @ 1024x768 but it gives me max 85hz at that resoultion (othet greater values doesnt even exist!). PPL told me to unlock option "hide unsuported refresh rates" but that option is shadowed! Graphic card couldnt be problem cause on old monitor it gave me ut to 200hz in 800x600 (it havent work, but it gave me that option...)
    now, my question is: doest that monitor support 100hz @1024x768? does anyone have drivers for it? if it gives me 85hz in 1240x960 should that mean that it will work fine with 100hz @1024?
    i would set 100hz by "Powerstrip" but i'm not shure would that damage my monitor if it doesnt support 100hz @1024...
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