Adobe is bringing a streaming version of Photoshop to Chromebooks

By Shawn Knight
Sep 29, 2014
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  1. Chromebooks are great for basic Internet tasks like web browsing, social networking and sending / receiving e-mail but the one major drawback to the Windows alternative is they can't run true desktop-class software.

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  2. Darkshadoe

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    Adobe's new advertising:

    "Photoshop - Because you didnt spend sh*t for that computer."
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  3. LOL @ the advertisin.

    Yea I thought these chromebooks were pretty secure because they only had certain software running on them, I read about someone using chromebooks only to do their banking on cause they were apparently more secure. Don't know what others would say about that.
    But once you start letting Anoobe stream w/e they want from the icloud the oh so safest place in the universe, then I see all kinds of unsafe holes appearing.
  4. Supposedly secure, just recently up to 10% of Chrome's extensions were deemed malicious.
  5. Chrome itself is malicious!!! I don't know why anyone entertains that garbage, but maybe that's just my dislike for anything Google that's coming through thick and strong. Oh, and just to make this comment more relevant to the topic of the article, I still think native is always going to be better than this cloud crap. Useful for a few things, but when you start moving your WHOLE damn pc to the cloud (I.e. Chromebooks) you kind of have to step back and lay off the crack, and then kick yourself for wasting money so unashamedly especially when there are things that are so much more worth that cash... like a compressed can of air...


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