Advent 8117 Laptop

By superstevesaint
Aug 22, 2007
  1. Hello,

    as like many other people, i have also bought the Advent 8117 laptop, special offer from Currys, £399 reduced from £499,

    Here are the specs if you need it:

    Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor T2080
    1.70GHz, 533MHz FSB, 1MB Cache
    Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
    1GB DDR2 533 Memory
    120GB Hard Drive
    DVD ReWriter
    17" Widescreen Display
    Intel GMA 950 graphics
    Wireless Enabled
    Upto 2 hours battery life
    3.6kg Weight

    However, the battery doesnt seem to last long, only about 1 hr 20 mins, any chance i can extend the battery life some how?

  2. superstevesaint

    superstevesaint TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can anyone help?
  3. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    if you have 17' lcd, don't wait for long battery life. if you have windows vista - again, don't wait for long battery life.
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