AGP Card Upgrade; any opinions???

By easystreet
Oct 24, 2006
  1. Hi my system is

    abit IC7
    P4 3.0e
    1.5GB DDR 333 Ram
    Leadtek winfast A310 / 256Mb / x8
    WD 1600js 250Gb / 7200rpm / 8Mb cache

    I was wondering what a good graphics card upgrade would be from my current oldish spec? I have around £70 (approx $130) to spend and i dont mind if it is second hand, like from ebay.

    I am able to run up to AGP X8

    any opinions greatly appreciated:)
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  5. easystreet

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    definate toughy, i will research your info and let you know. I was already looking at the 7000 series for nvidia so you confirmed a belief, also i recently read a review on the MSI card and it came up favourably:)

    thanks for your help
  6. Surkitz

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    if you are looking for a best bang for your dated system like i have, id go with nvidia. i currently have an ati 9800pro that was good for a while but not anymore so im about to make the switch. If you want to extend the life of your agp system, then get the and performance wise, its hard to beat. plus they just did a comparo against the new 7900 and the ati 1650xl and GS i believe? look at the results and youd be surprised how the 7600GS looked to the new ones
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