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By kisserprostyler
Aug 3, 2006
  1. I've been using my radeon 9550 like this since I bought it( the games run decently) but I cant turn on agp reads on smartgart , otherwise after a few minutes of playing my system hangs and the screen goes black.Is there a way to solve this? Or my mobo and my gpu are not compatible? I have agp writes turned on( fast writes too) pci read and write are both turned on also.
    I tried running it on 4x,8x, disabling fast writes, played with the bios settings(PCI IDE busmastering, aperture size, etc.) no overclocking whatsoever , installed a new fan on the gpu, but I cant turn it on without my system giving me blue screens or black outs. My system specs:
    Mobo:Acorp 4pm800mnl (Via pm800 chipset)
    Processor:Intel pentium 4 2.1
    512 mb ram
    Gpu: ATI Radeon 9550 AGP 256 MB
    Sound card: Audigy 2 ZS
  2. wolfram

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    Download the latest chipset drivers from VIA. I heard some compatibility issues between VIA chipsets and AGP ATI video cards.
  3. kisserprostyler

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    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both of them ( chipset and graphics card) but it didnt work, Is there something else that I could try?
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