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By rill420
Sep 28, 2008
  1. i am running windows xp service pack 2, my computer will not boot at all even with windows disk, it started with blue screen of death, which i could still restart and use my pc. Now it wont even start up. Ive reformatted before, and installed all correct drivers when i was getting the blue screen, now it just doesnt start.
    i have a palit geforce 9600 gt 512mb video card
    2 2x 1g patriot ddr2 sticks
    p5n-d mother board
    430 watt power supply
    600gb hardrive etc.

    thanks for the help
    Ps when i opened up the computer the parts seemed very warm, but im not to sure
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  3. rill420

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    sorry i didnt get back soon, i left memtest on all night, and it found no errors. So it could also be a psu unit? psu= a power supply unit? any reccomendations on what to do next would be a big help thanks for the help
  4. CCT

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    If Memtest ran 'all night' then the psu and Ram is/are probably OK.

    Did you get a screen graphics for the Memtest?

    I suspect yes. (it helps to actually be very forensic and descriptive on these issues - haha) Then VGA bypass of your vid card works.

    I would now look at CMOS battery (replace) and ask for a description of what the heck a 'palit geforce 9600 gt 512mb video card' is?

  5. rill420

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    what is a screen graphic, and there seems to be no cmos battery on my mother board p5n-d... hmmm thanks for all the help and sorry for not having too much info.

    the graphics card is here[/url]
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