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By Alturin
Apr 5, 2008
  1. Heya,

    I study Computer Science at "Delft University of Technology" in the Netherlands. I'm a reasonably seasoned "pc-doctor" for the people in my family. That is, the computer-unsavvy ones usually ask me for their help when "it doesn't work" again. Because of that, I had to choose from these: 1. spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to their homes; 2. teach them how to fix it themselves (preferable, but unlikely); 3. do something else. Of course I chose for 3 and installed either RealVNC or TeamViewer on their PC's (depending on whether they have a router that is easily configurable to forward the ports).
    Most of the problems they stumble upon are relatively trivial to fix (Ranging from "why does Word format this file strangely" (document vertical alignment was on) to "why won't this file open?" (file associations missing after reinstalling Word). Especially my grandfather runs into these types of troubles, usually one or two incidents per month.
    As said, most I can fix, not being too unhandy with computers myself, but recently his computer has been showing some real problems ("it's got problems Jim, I tell you!"). Since Google pointed me at this forum when looking for people that seem to either 1. have the same problem; or 2. know how to fix the problem, I have registered here in the hope to get the problem fixed.


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