Another File Sharing Problem

By Nigeldav
Jun 3, 2005
  1. I have two XP Home (SP2) PC on a network with Zonealarm firewall. File and printer sharing is working ok except I can't seem to share user files under the Documents and Setting folder. I have set these to share but when I try to access them from the other PC it says I don't have permission. Both machines are on the same Workgroup. I have tried turning Zone Alarm off, ensued the relevant user is not logged at the same time. Windows firewall is off. Have tried setting the D & S folder to shared but makes no difference. Does XP Home prevent users sharing files in these folders?
  2. Nodsu

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    It is the filesystem security that prevents you from accessing these files. All the folders undr D&S have restricted permissions and specific ownership. You can access all of them only if you access the share as someone with administrative rights.
  3. Nigeldav

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    Not that

    Thanks but I tried setting all the users to adminstrators and it makes no difference. I have now established I can do the reverse from my PC to my laptop ( ie access folders in Documents and Settings) but can't access any of folders in the D & S folder in my PC from my laptop ( all other directories are fine) - Anybody else with ideas, its got me beat !
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