Antec Sonata 2 Vent system makes machine HOTTER!

By Locutus_UT
Dec 22, 2005
  1. I thought this was a bit illogical: I installed the CPU venting system that comes with my computer case. After I few days I monitored the idle temps read 44/34 C consistently for cpu/mobo. I thought that was a bit high, so I took it out and now I'm getting 40/30!! What gives?? It seems like the venting would help, but I think with all that clutter in the way of the chassis fan, it renders useless.

    Anyone else experiencing this with venting?

    My second question is do dual cores run hotter than single CPUs? I have an AMD x2 3800+ and its temps seem higher than the ones I have seen reported for single cores. I'm not overly concerned because even under load I don't get hotter than 48 C. This is well under some of the hotter temps I've seen.

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