Anti-trojan bot concept

By Tedster
Apr 14, 2007
  1. Something that I thought of that I am sure I am probably not the first to come up with is the concept of an anti-trojan bot. Such a virus would seek out and destroy bad viri/trojans while being harmless and benign in itself. I wonder if this has ever been tried.

    It would be kind of a "white blood cell" in the computing world. Perhaps a variant could be written to disable spam producing or trojan spreading systems that are known to be causers of malware on people's systems.....

    just a thought.....

    any ideas on this concept?
  2. Envergure

    Envergure TS Enthusiast Posts: 134

    Interesting idea.

    I'm not so sure it would do exactly what you're thinking, though. All a virus really does is multiply. They don't necessarily do anything to the system but take up HD space. Anti-malware malware might do it, but it would be, more or less, just like the anti-virus programs we have now.

    The idea certainly has potential, though. If a virus could be written to follow the path of a worm then it could be used to help track it and isolate it. Also an anti-virus worm would be effective for cleaning out local networks.
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