By compused
Feb 15, 2009
  1. Three things:

    1. Yesterday I uninstalled AVG antivirus programme and installed Avira. As well as the Antivir PE Classic, I also have the above, shown on my desktop with the same white umbrella on red background. When I clicked on it, it wanted me to run it. I became suspicious so put the name in Google. A site said it was malware - is this correct?

    2. After installing Avira Antivirus, I ran a scan of our computer and the programme found 5 vuruses - 4 X TR/Trash.gen trogens and 1 X TR/Killav.28714 trogen. I'd attach the report if I could find it. All these were quarantined and then deleted from the quarantine folder.

    3. The Avira Report also said that the hyberfil.sys and pagefile.sys files could not be opened. Is this a cause for concern?
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +9

    Everything is ok.
    You might also want to download and run MalwareBytes, Windows Defender, SuperAntiSpyware or buy SpySweeper or Spyware Doctor to complete your security.
  3. compused

    compused TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 124

    Hi Raybay,

    You say everything is OK. So is the above part of the Avira virus protection and, if so, why didn't it "Run" at the same time as the Antivir PE Classis part of it and why is it shown as a separate icon (but the same design) on the desktop?
  4. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +9

    It is all one. Avira is the brand and the download site. Antivir PE Classic is the program. You should end up with an icon on the screen that is something like Avira Antivir Personal Edition - Free Antivirus on which you click to get this antivirus program to scan your computer.
  5. compused

    compused TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 124

    But I have 2, not 1, icons on my desktop, both are white umbrellas on a red background,

    one called "Antivir PE Classic" which has been downloaded fully

    and another called "Antvir_workstation_winu_en_h" which has not.

    The "Antivir PE Classic" icon is fully operational and has been running since I installed it yesterday.

    The "Antvir_workstatoin_winu_en_h" is a separate icon, has not been run and is therefore merely an icon on my desktop. If this was a genuine part of the Avira antivirus programme, why is it showing as a separate icon and not (excuse the pun) under the same umbrella as "Antivir PE Classic"?

    Since the "Antvir_workstation_winu_en_h" did not run at the same time as the Antvir PE Classic", do I need this programme and is it safe to run and install it? In other words is it correct to have 2 icons on my desktop?

    Unless someone tells me that I am meant to have 2 Avira icons on my laptop, I will assume that the second icon isn't meant to be there, as it didn't run at the same time as Avira was installed, and will delete it.
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