Antivirus 2009 and bratsk.exe

By levit11
Nov 17, 2008
  1. I mistakenly allowed this to download. I have gone through the eight steps and have attached the logs. I have not rebooted yet, but before I ran everything I was having problems turning the firewall back on, issues with adobe, and windows security recognizing my antivirus software. Please let me know if you think I have cleaned my system. Thank you for your help.
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    Welcome to TS. As you can tell, I am awkward when it comes to putting you at ease.

    From MBAM log --> (Rogue.WinAntivirus)

    The threat has morphed; we are trying to adapt. The strain on your computer may be of the earlier varieties.

    D/L a file just in-case
    courtest of mflynn

    If progress becomes impossible, then execute the D/L file.
    When renamed as indicated, the execution then uncompresses the files. It produces scripts & renames shortcuts & executables. Scripts delete commonly named virus files.

    Your observation about Adobe may point to possible source of infection. Your version lacks security updates available only by updating to newest version.
    While persuing this infection, use msconfig to untick startup applications. Restart needed to apply changes. Tick off the advisory screen displayed after restart.

    Next, test the severity of this infection. Apply updates to MBAM & SAS.

    The most often reported symptom indicates failure to update and/or the application runs but produces no results (the meaning could include that the controlling screen does not appear - sometimes the descriptions are unclear).

    One confirmed symptom of the morph is SAS difficulty with registry changes. Another report cited cookies (currently being assessed).

    If the scans produce results, please post the usual 3 logs. Also update your progress & restate current observations.
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