Any way of changing my pci-e speed?

By Blekk
Aug 11, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I don't really know that much about the overclocking or the the workings of a motherboard except the basics, so this may seem like a stupid question but...

    I have a AGP and PCI-E hybrid motherboard fo intel skt478 and have recently bought a PCI-E card (x1800GTO) to replace my broken agp card(9600PRO). But then I find out from my motherboard manual that the slot is PCI-E x16 (x4 mode) which is really annoying because ASUS didn't mention this atall until you look in the manual, they market it as PCI-E x16.

    Anyway, what I was wondering is, if the x4 makes a big difference, for example if it was x16 it would run 4 times better, or if it doesn't really matter?

    Also, if it is a big deal, is there anyway of getting it to run at x16 by fiddling about atall?


    Any reply is appreciated.
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  3. Blekk

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    Thanks vnf4ultra,

    But I don;t know why in games like Couner Strike: Source I get about 60fps on full graphics (including aa and af) and then someone with a x800gto says that they get about 150fps with the same settings. Is there that much difference between the x1800GTO (which I have) and an x800GTO?

    Also, could it be my CPU that is making it worse aswell because it is 533Mhz FSB and only 2.2Ghz northwood?



    Yeah I see now on that link that AGP 8x is 2.12Gb/s and PCI-E x4 is 2Gb/s so thatnks for that, I didn't spot that.
  4. vnf4ultra

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    I believe the x1800gto is a faster card, but as you mention your processor would likely limit the performance of your card, as the amount of memory you have could do as well, if you have less than say 1GB.
  5. Blekk

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    I only have 512Mb 400Mhz DDR, So I'm going to get some more soon, but hard drive is top priority for now and then I will probs upgrade to Core 2 Duo.
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