Anyone here A+ Certified??

By RJ831
Jan 10, 2007
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  1. Hey guys I need some help. I'm trying to become A+ certified but I'm confused as to which test I need to take. Here is the site that lists the exams: Which one would be the best to take? I can't afford to take all of them right now. =/ Thanks in advance.

  2. Masque

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    ....I would go the the Core and the OS (301 and 302). This would be your stepping-stones to anything else. Remember, these certifications only show that you can study and learn the basics. What you do with them (job-related) and experience will be your best seller.
  3. raybay

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  4. RJ831

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    So if I only take the CORE Hardware test and pass it, technically I can say that I am A+ certified right? Thanks for all of your help guys.
  5. smore9648

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    Negative ghost rider.

    If you drop out of your senior year in High school, can you say you graduated, NO!

    You have to complete both courses, there is a 90day window once you complete the first course
  6. RJ831

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    ^Awesome. thank you.
  7. raybay

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    No, sorry I was confused by your question. You need to pass both parts and actually have your certification. There are two parts to the test. Some locations give them both in a day. Others, you have two separate exam days.
    There is no way to do it cheaply, but it has been so long... what are the current exam fees... and how far do you have to travel?
  8. RJ831

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    I already know the location. The price is 158.00 each test =/. It's just when I looked at the link (above), It listed so many exams! I didn't know which one(s) would make me A+ certified. Thanks for the help though!
  9. raybay

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    At least the cost hasn't gone up much... about $15 since the many years ago when we took it.
  10. RJ831

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  11. raybay

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    There are CompTIA books. There are other books you will find with a Google or search. You can possibly pass the test, but you won't know much.
    I would read the latest edition of Scott Muellar's book on repairing and upgrading PC's, and a first class Networking book, or at least Networking for Dummies and Wireless for Dummies. A good text from a college or trade school would be useful. I would also read a comprehensive text on Windows XP, and another on Windows 98. Also issues for the past three years from CPU, Smart Computing, and Maximum PC.
    Basically read everything you can, and understand everything you read.

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