Anyone here with Creative speakers?

By vegasgmc
May 12, 2004
  1. I am seriously pissed. I got a set of T7700's in january. Loved them but had to send back because the center channel speaker started popping and sub makes a thumping sound. Ive had the warranty replacement for 3 weeks and its doing the same thing. And to top it off the replacement speakers only have a 90 day warranty which means Im screwed out of 6 months of the original 1 year warranty. Anyone else heard of this problem????
  2. Ravinstorm

    Ravinstorm TS Rookie

    I feel ya, I bought the 5.1 Surround Sound Creative Megaworks 550 THX 6pc Speakers 4 1/2 weeks ago, My center port went out like yours and all I get is static out of that speaker.

    Now I'm having to mail it to them for god knows how much since I have to send the entire speaker setup to them and I'm sure it weighs alot!

    Great sound quality, sorry craftsmanship
  3. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Topic Starter Posts: 1,377

    The first time it cost me $20 in shipping. Now another $20. So the savings I got by ordering online are gone. I could have gotten a Logitech 5300 for what Ive paid out so far. To bad Altec Lansing doesnt make high end 5.1's anymore.
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