AOL IM Warning

By jobeard
Oct 31, 2005
  1. Excerpt:
    Security researchers have identified a rootkit being spread through AOL's popular instant messaging client and AOL chat rooms.

    Bundled within the previously identified W32/Sdbot-ADD worm, the lockx.exe rootkit file is installed when users click on the file link within the IM window. Though neither the worm nor the rootkit file are new, it appears to be the worm's first foray into the AIM (AOL's Instant Messenger) network. What's more troubling is that rootkits haven't previously been spread via IM.

    "This is the first instance of a rootkit coming through the IM vector," said Tyler Wells, senior director of engineering for FaceTime Communications.

    PointerAOL ships Netscape security patch. PointerAOL ships patch

    "The important thing to watch here is that it's no longer single installs or links to Web sites, but adware, spyware and now rootkits (through IM)."

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