Asus A7NBX-D

By Crackalack
Apr 14, 2009
  1. Hello my tech brothers and sisters!

    I've got a system that needs windows reinstalled, easy enough yes? NO! LoLz! Typical SATA HDD, the board is an Asus A7NBX Delux edition and it has from what I can tell, old school SATA ports on the board. So I was about to reinstall windows with a newly formatted drive and behold! the drive was not detected... So I switch to the painful IDE, thankfully the board has two IDE sockets (HDD and Optical, respectively) So now, its a constant reboot and reinstall, the preload goes well but the system just reboots and starts the process all over again. I've scoured the BIOS and cant find any setting for IDE and SATA, so I truely am at a loss. The only thing that I can think of is a BIOS flash and Ive never done one before.......HELP ME!! LoLz! I dont wanna screw the board up!!!
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  3. Crackalack

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    SATA Controller

    well, i'll be trying this fix after another collegue attempts to flash the board's BIOS, if his idea doesnt work, i sure hope yours does. Stupid Question; If the first flash goes bad for whatever reason - what is the board going to do? Will it post, or boot, can i access the bios? what are the key objects/hints that i'll be looking for in the event of a bad flash, ive heard that the board will be pooched if it IS a bad flash
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    I seem to remember that you hold down INS (insert key) and then turn on the computer
    And run setup defaults. If the flash goes bad

    But just by the way, the above download is all you need, ie even the older flash update will run Windows ;)
  5. Crackalack

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    Dear god! IT WORKED! thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much! I swear i could kiss you! lol but you know what they say about the internet.....Women are men, spying on their husbands, men are women with insecurity issues and the children are often the FBI! Thanks again!!!
  6. kimsland

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    Thanks for the update :grinthumb
    By the way, I suspect you mean the driver link above works, and not the scary Bios update :)
  7. Crackalack

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    it was the driver link - took me a few minutes to figure it out, the diskettes folders were a little confusing in that i didnt need them just the .oem file - but it worked and my customer/client will be thrilled to not have to buy another think going for A+ & C++ certifications would be a good thing? my employer doesnt think so lol, just offered me his books and said to challenge the exam.
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    Actually you would be amazed at howmany programmers and professionals that come on and announce how good they are and then ask a question that has simple answers

    I suspect they are very good at their thing, but not the grunty tech work
    No reflection on you. It's just what I've found ;)
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    Well I started out buying a laptop that I thought was a great rig for games *cough* onboard video, 256ram, Pentium D celeron *cough* cant believe i even bought it lol. Then it was a REAL gaming rig, 2700 dollars later, early 2005. After that it was books books books, in full color mind you, but a liquid cooling kid, video card, PSU and ram upgrade later and i figured, i am an enthusiast by now. So I admit being a noob in the computer technician industry, but every day i learn more and more. Best industry i've ever had the pleasure of workin in. sure beats the hell out of flippin burgers n cookin steaks lol. So, if a day goes by while im at work, and i dont learn anything....well i was playing too much WoW.
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