ASUS A7S266-VM Motherboard Problems

By William
Feb 11, 2008
  1. So far i have burned out two sparkle and three allied power supplies. What happens? i will be working along and all of a sudden the computer shuts down. I originally removed every card in the system (ati radoen 7000 video card, maxtor sata 15 ultra ata 133 pci combo card to run my maxtor 300gb hard drive - that is it) to see if a card was at fault - nope. I ran the system in absolutely bare bones - only the cmos running - and the computer would shut down after about two hours. I did not have the hard disk attached, none of the cards were mounted in the system, the cd rom and the iomega drive were taken out, the floppy drive was taken out, the mouse was disconnected. The video was attached to the video port on the motherboard and the keyboard was attached. I do not use any over clocking; i use poer supplies that more than meet the requirements. Does anyone have any idea of what may be causing this problem? thank you. William
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