Asus K8NE-Deluxe question/problem

By cjcross001
Jul 12, 2005
  1. I recently purchased the following components: Asus K8NE-Deluxe Mother board, AMD Athlon 64 3400+, XFX 6600 GT, 2 X Kingston 512 mb PC 3200 ram. My existing hardware: Maxtor serial hard drive, and a 20 pin atx 400 watt power supply, TDK 52 write xx rewrite cd-rom. the problem i am having now is that my system hangs intermitently at different points of start up and windows re-installation. i'm at my witts end with Asus. This is the 4th mother board i've had from them that appears to have issues of some sort. My question is this: even though the 20 pin power connector works on the board, do you have to have a 24 pin power supply for the board to even function properly? or does it sound like i need to fill out an RMA and get my self a new board? i haven't done much in the way of trouble shooting this problem yet. all i've done is tried swapping ram. None of my existing components have ever had any problems of any type, and this doesn't appear to be a cpu issue. Any suggestions? thanks for your help.
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