Asus M2N68-la MoBo no beeps means dead?

By Tonymandala
Oct 18, 2013
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  1. Hello,

    I have been given an HP s5118 Computer, so I don't know the history.
    The PSU was dead so I hooked up a good Antec.
    Power button light and cooling fans work but that's all.
    Have systematically removed all hardware connections to the board, including the ram keyboard & mouse, leaving just the PSU connectors, there is no sign of life, no post or video signal, it has never beeped at all.

    Having read countless posts I have come to the conclusion that since there are no beeps the Motherboard needs replacing.
    As the original power supply was dead perhaps it took something else with it ?
    Before changing the mobo I thought I'd see if anyone has an alternative suggestion?

    I did read that there is a known fault with this mobo ??
    Plenty of folks have video problems but it should beep or spin up the HDD?

    The specs are standard for this HP off the shelf...
    The asus M2N68-la MoBo is rev 5.
    Dual core Athlon
    2x 2GB Samsung DDR2

    Hope someone has a suggestion, thanks Tony.

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