Asus motherboard & large HD conflict?

By CrazE
Jul 21, 2002
  1. Motherboard & HDD conflict?

    I currently have an ASUS P2B Intel 440BX motherboard and it supports the Ultra DMA/33 Bus Master IDE (correct me if I'm wrong, for the HDD).
    I just recently bought a Maxtor 40gig 7200rpm harddrive...

    I'm wondering would my motherboard be able to support this harddrive that i just got?
    I asked the dealer where I bought the drive and he said that all I need to do is upgrade the BIOS (which I already did).

    From the way he said it, I'm not convinced that it is all I have to do...

    Could someone please help me out..
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    Newcomer welcome & hello!

    You didn't mention which OS you'll be using with that hdd - GNU Linux handles 40GB hdds just fine even with old motherboards, for example. Win95 & 98 might have problems with disks larger than 32GB. Also, some Award 4.5x BIOSes don't support disks larger than 32GB - but again, it doesn't affect GNU Linux ;).
    That said, I recommend creating, say, 31.5 GB partition first, installing an OS to it, then creating another partition for data (it's wise to have data & OS on separate partitions anyway).
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    If you have trouble getting it to detect correctly, you can use the MAXBLAST utility from Maxtor which is a work around for the large drive problem, it will also allow you to format and partition the drive.
  5. CrazE

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    I guess I should have written my OS in....sorry....I'm running Windows XP with an 8 gig hard drive already...I'm planning on keeping my 8 gig in and run my XP from that drive...
    Don't know what else to say...thanx for the help...
    Please keep it coming...I need all the help i could get cuz I don't want to open the package until I'm certain my motherboard could run the 40gig drive...
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