Asus R500VD-SX093V Fan cleaning

By Godgeneral
Apr 11, 2014
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  1. Hello, I'm new here and have no idea this is the right forum.

    However, I need to clean my Laptop fan, but I dont know how to remove my keyboard.
    Keyboard is attached to my sound bar (which means it is a complete platform). I removed all the screwes I could find but still. I cant remove it, or dont know how to do. my fan needs to be cleaned up because it is blowing hard to cool my laptop. and that is anoying.

    I hope anyone can help me here?
  2. Hopefully this will help someone else... Remove all the screws from the bottom of the laptop. The screw that holds the optical disk in place is hidden under a rectangular rubber insert on the bottom. Remove it as well. The entire top of the laptop with keyboard attached still lifts straight up. They have extra long cables for the buttons, keyboard etc.

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