Athlon 64 yields looking good, 2GHz and up

By Julio Franco
Aug 6, 2003
  1. According to this article originally posted on a German website, AMD is producing such good yields on Athlon 64, that it's considering not releasing any clock speeds lower than 2GHz when it launches next month.

    Additionally, The Inq has posted some rumoured model names and PR ratings for Athlon 64 processors depending on the platform they will run:

    The article says AMD will introduce an Athlon 64 FX-55 at 2.4GHz (940) pins, an FX-53 2.2GHz (940) pins, a 3700+ (2.4GHz 754 pins) and a 3400+ (2.2GHz, 754), but the higher speeds probably won't appear until next year.

    If this information remains true, it would mean that the 'FX' nomenclature would end up going to the high-end parts of the family and not become the new Durons, we will have to wait until final announcement.
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    It's really a shame the DualChannel Athlon64s won't be able to work with unbuffered memory.

    A lot of people that have bought PC3200 Ram right now won't be able to use them unless they go with the Single channel version.:dead:

    BTW does anyone have information on the power dissipation of the hammer cpus ? They don't seem to focus much on that aspect on the reviews that are available so far.
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