ATI Catalyst drivers v4.1

By Julio Franco
Jan 20, 2004
  1. We missed this one yesterday although nothing too new on this new set, Radeon drivers have had a long way already and they have reached a point of maturity where performance improvements are not feasible in current generation of games anymore (which is actually a good thing since you are squeezing every bit of performance out of your card already). In the other hand, ATI promises better compatibility and a list of bug fixes.
  2. Krugger

    Krugger TS Rookie Posts: 173

    about to give them a try, but i doubt any future releases are going to do anything for my older radeon.
  3. SubKamran

    SubKamran TS Rookie Posts: 166

    Catalyst 3.10 and above will not work with Windows Server 2003.
  4. Mr.Guvernment

    Mr.Guvernment TS Rookie Posts: 77

    can you be specific?

    it makes sense - as why would anyone use server 2003 on a desktop system with a radeon card in it :)

    on the other hand i also have serevr 2003 and will try out the new cats to see what does not work. (i use it as it is faster then XP ) i lvoe 180 day trials.
  5. SubKamran

    SubKamran TS Rookie Posts: 166

    It reads it as Windows XP 64-bit :p And this isn't really a problem since I'm only temporarily putting it in this computer until I buy my RAM and hard drive for the new comp :D
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