ATI radion x700 and COD2 low FPS? need better card?

By m1nus
Mar 3, 2006
  1. pretty new to all this, jsut got a new computer,

    amd 4200 x2
    gig of ram

    and i gota ATI radion x700 pro

    i want to be able to play COD2 online with at least medium settings and such but im only getting 17-20 fps, .. even with the settings all the way down i get only 22 maybe

    all at 1440x900 res

    i was told this card should be fine, . but its sucking, .. is it how its set up? or is it the card?

    i have 6 mor edays to return this card and get another, and willing to spend like anothe 100$ to make the total 250$ ... but theres so many cards out there and im new to this all so i dotn knwo how to compare them and get a better one?

    is it the card? or somthing else
  2. kirock

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  3. Athena

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    Get the Geforce 6800gs you will like the increase in power from your x700. ;)
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