AUDIGY 2 ZS GAMER ED problem :( Help?

By Wuffle_Thomas
Jan 2, 2005
  1. Hi i just put together a new comp:

    MSI k8N Neo2 plat
    AMD 3500 Athlon 64 (newcastle)
    GFX = nvidia fx 5200 128 mb ( my old one )
    on board internet
    seagate 120 gb 7200 rpm hdd
    2 x 512 kingston hyperx 3200 ddr
    1 dvd burner
    1 dvd reader
    1 floppy
    thermaltake 5000a xaser 5 series
    windows XP SP 2
    430 watt true power Antec PSU

    When i install my sound card and boot up my comp it crashes after the windows xp loading screen. While loading after a while (unusually long) monitors goes into sleep mode and nothing happens. I installed the latest bios and drives for my mobo. I tried putting the card on every PCI slot. Turned off onboard sound and tried it, still nothing. This sound card works since it worked on my older computer. The computer will boot with no problems w/o the sound card. The first time i turned computer on it wouldnt do this but sound card still wasnt working it just said that i needed to install latest bios which i did. I dont know what to do ! please help

    MSN = Wuffle_Thomas @ hotmail com
    AIM = WUffle Thomas
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