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By vetman667966
Mar 3, 2007
  1. On my XP Pro, Soyo MB, onboard sound card system, I was having a problem in which while my wife was playing online cards (Spades, Hearts) in MS's Zone, the sound would quit and everything else would continue until she closed the Zone program. I could minimize the Zone, check mail, do anything else (without sound), but when I closed the Zone, I immediately got a BSOD. Research indicated the BSOD was caused by the sound system, specifically the CMI8738/C3DX PCI audio driver. Upgrading/rolling back the driver didn't help. I purchased another PCI sound card with the specific intent of getting a sound driver that didn't use the CMI8738 driver. Guess what, the new card uses the same driver.
    Now, under the same Zone program, the sound starts to produce a growling, hissing sound (best I can describe it) that is continious until I close the Zone program; BSOD. The error codes are as follows:
    Stop Ox000000C2 (Ox00000007, Ox00000CD4, oxO28e0001, Ox833aa978)
    The event log indicates a System Error, Category 102, Event ID 1003
    Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks in advance
  2. Tmagic650

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    See if you can find alternative drivers for the card. Sometimes it takes a while to find drivers that function properly. What is the brand and model of the PCI sound card?
  3. vetman667966

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    I'll have to pull the audio card in the am and check it. I can't find my reciept just now. I have tried any and every driver I can find and none seem to help.
    I did run across a mention in the forum yesterday about disabling the onboard audio in the BIOS instead of just in the Device Manager, so I disabled it and haven't had a problem since I did. Holding my breath................
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