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By Tha General
Jan 12, 2009
  1. I recently had to reinstall windows 2000 early today, because my computer froze, had to shut down my computer, so upon restarting, it say my user profile was corrupted, and i notice all my internal hd came back, and half my files was missing, and it was no point in using the other 2 profiles( user/ admin ). If you didn't know, even tho you create a main profile, 2 other profiles seem to appear in the documents folder.

    Anyways, i had to reinstall, because it was impossible to get everything back and restoring to another day or whatever, didn't fix the problem. I guess if your profile gets damage, everything else does.

    So my question, is there a way to backup my user profile and is this going to take alot of hd space, if so, i will just have to pass.
  2. jobeard

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    Start with this WiKi

    Yes you can backup the Profile and YES it is voluminous!
    These directories are used by the system and the applications for settings
    • Application Data
    • Local Settings
    • NetHood
    • Recent
    • Send To
    • Templates
    • some others
    But these are the visible directories where the User stores data
    • Desktop
    • My Documents

    If you wish to protect User Data, just grab those directories.

    If logon yields "xxx is corrupt xxx", then one of the files in the first list is clobbered.

    It is possible to create a new Profile for an existing user ( see KB811151 )
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