Backup Program?

By Sparky Joe
Aug 27, 2006
  1. I have a new RAID-0 array and after hearing all the gripes of how foolish this is I re-installed my old SCSI drive just to use as backup. I have no interest or concern about backing up my operating system or any 'critical' files (after all I already have all that stuff on disk). What I have been doing in the past is backing up my photos and documents to DVD-rw discs, but because it gets pretty tedious I put in my SCSI disk for redundancy of a few particular folders.

    My question now is; is there a program out there that anyone knows of that will automatically create a bakup to my redundant disk of everything that is in my folders that I want backups of? For example everytime I create a new document and store it in the "My Documents" folder on my RAID volume a program will automatically synchronize with the "My Documents" folder that is on my backup disc?

    Thanks -Joe
  2. Sparky Joe

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    So I created a windows 'briefcase' in the back up drive last night, dragged all my folders that I wanted backed up into it, and it seems all I will have to do is tell the briefcase to synchronize every once in a while.

    Does this sound like a good route to take?
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