Bad Malware with judukowe.dll, TR/Monder, TR/PWS.Sinowal.Gen, EXP/Pidief.GI, etc

By sinko
Jan 1, 2010
  1. Bad Malware with judukowe.dll, TR/Monder, TR/PWS.Sinowal.Gen, EXP/Pidief.GI, etc.

    I need URGENT help please. My computer has caught really bad infection with malware. The big problem is that tools I tried to use to scan have not been working,

    Dr.Web CureIt shows me this message: uh538XP has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience

    A few times it was showing that h8c5gxp.exe has encountered problem but now shows only uh538XP as encountering problem hence Dr.Web CureIt cannot start at all
    Please help me in fixing this.

    Malwarebytes shows me this message:
    Error Code: 707 (3). Once it has shown Error Code 730 (0,0)

    Malware bytes does not start at all. Please help me in fixing this.

    Please find HiJackThis log attached with numerous items containing judukowe.dll, which I was not able to delete from my computer when I tried simple Select-Delete.

    Please note that infection with pop-up malware has started about 2 weeks ago and then 2 days ago I caught “Internet Security Virus 2010” and fought it hard and I partially won since my computer can start and is not under full control of the virus, however I still cannot use tools that I need to fix the computer.

    Attached Avira Antivir Personal LOG: “Avira IS2010.log” is during the time when I was fighting “Internet Security 2010”:

    Attached is also Avira Antivir Personal Log of VIRUS DETECTION Events during last few days “AVIRA Events showing viruses during last few days.txt”

    What should I do, please help. I am al a loss how to proceed?

    These files: judukowe.dll, mayonibe.dll, yimiweno.dll, etc., showing up in HiJackThis, appear to be very nasty malware that I cannot get rid of. I read that Malwarebytes can get rid of them, but it appears that they blocked me from using it even when I put it on the desktop under different name.

    Thanks for your help

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