Battlefield 1942 Road to Rome HELP

By akaivan
Apr 7, 2006
  1. Hey everyone i just found my old road to rome battlefield, so i wanted to start playing on the internet but i can update. I bought mine like when it first cam out so its kinda old. So when i dowloaded the updtae and try to install it said something like this, Your version is a 1.2, this update can only do 1.6-1.63. I cant find the other update so i can play mine... Please help
  2. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    Have you tried the 1.6 (full) patch?
    At you'll find it, and I seem to recall that it covers everything. It weighs in at 267.68 Mb
  3. akaivan

    akaivan TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 470

    thanks alot i already got it! now im up to date. But now when i go into multiplayer theres no servers, like its not connected????
  4. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    Does the same thing happen when you try it in BF1942?

    What firewall are you using? Check the settings that it allows RtR to go through.
    ZoneAlarm, for instance, blocks any program that has been patched since last it ran, and asks for a re-acknowledgement on what to do. This could be the case if both RtT and 1942 comes up with no servers.
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