battlefield 2 resolution problems

By helpmeplease
Oct 29, 2005
  1. i recently bought bf2 and i put it on a resolution that my monitor cant display now whenever i start the game my nonitor sais that it is out of frequency. i can hear the sound but cannot see a thing. can you tell me how to reset the game i have tried uninstalling and installing however i did not delete any of the three things that it asks if you want to delete some things. Can someone pklease tell me how to resolve this problem.

    would windows safe mode help?????????
  2. Karnivore

    Karnivore TS Rookie

    I've had this same problem. Apparently what it is is that your video card isn't up to par for the game. I'm about to replace mine (a GeForce FX 5200) with something a bit higher up the food chain. Funny, I can run DOOM 3 just fine with it, but I can't play BF2 .... [/sigh]
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