Battlefield 2 with RADEON 9200 Fix

By pares101
Oct 31, 2005
  1. I have an ASUS Board this is what I did


    SET AGP to 4x

    FAST Write OFF

    now goto your BIOS

    DISABLE 8x



    that is what worked for me
  2. Christ!

    Christ! TS Rookie

    Umm...could you repeat that but like...for a guy like me who's having trouble just turning on a computer?

    btw I tried looking for that smartguard crap but I can't find it ANYWHERE! I clicked on control panel>display>advanced but I see no smartguard tab

    and what is a ASUS board?

    see I need serious help, I have a 9200 and bf2 doesn't work I'm not planning on making this game cost me $100 + dollars. If I can't fix it I'm gonna get Half-Life 2
  3. pares101

    pares101 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    If you plan on buying HL2

    You won't have the same problems but it will run slow , what I very much know is that the 9200 is worthless right now... Save up 300-400 bucks and buy a new video thats what im doing... my 9200 is dusting and i can barely play HL2 on it and Counterstrike sucks on it as well

    ASUS is a type of motherboard ( your whole computer )
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