best anti spyware and antivirus today?

By AngelOfLighT
Jun 9, 2007
  1. best anti spyware and antivirus today?
  2. howard_hopkinso

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  3. Phantasm66

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    I can't tell you that, but I CAN tell you the best anti spyware and antivirus solution:

    1) Not downloading warez

    2) Not visiting pr0n sites

    3) Not using P2P networks

    4) Not opening email attachments from unknown or untrusted sources

    5) Installing only good known software from trusted sources (i.e. came in shrink wrap plastic cover, or downloaded from company's website.)

    Do these things, and you won't ever need any anti spyware or antivirus software.
  4. Barlettaborn

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    Probably Kapersky, there are many spyware programs which do the job.

    As Phantasm66 said, just follow those steps and the chances of getting infected will be greatly reduced. A good firewall is also a good idea unless your router does that for you, Zonealarm is pretty good call.
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