Best graphics card under AU$200

By AMD2800+
Jun 18, 2005
  1. Right, at the end of the year (christmas :) ) I am looking to replace the graphics card on this computer. Unfortunately i chose a GeForce 5200 when the computer was purchased February last year - dumb in hindsight considering parents buying it & they let me choose all components. Anyway, whats the best at the moment under AU$200? Have a look @ (Video Cards section) to see what we got. Market will probably be different in 6 months but trying to get an idea of what i can get. Thanks y'all!
    I'd prefer not to get one from the US - too complicated if theres issues with it.
  2. kol_indian

    kol_indian TS Rookie Posts: 316

    I think any one of these two will do the job(belpw $200)

    Gigabyte AGP 256MB ATI 9600PRO Radeon Tv-Out,DVI,8X (R96P256D)

    Gigabyte AGP 128MB FX5700 TV/DVI/Twinview

    between 6 months is a verrrrrrrrrrry long time time in graphics card market u might get a lot better card for less.
  3. AMD2800+

    AMD2800+ TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Yup, i know 6 months is a very long time, but the FX5200 is still around nearly 18months on. Also, i don't need any extra features: never would use DVI, or support for 2 monitors, and very rarely use S-Video output. All i want is pure gaming power :)
  4. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    I'd probably go for the 9600XT then... The cheapest one I could find in that list was a little over your budget (210$), which should go down to within your pricerange quite soon...

    I'm doing a little research on some of the other cards there, so I'll update this post in a bit
  5. compguy

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  6. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    I have to agree with Mr.G on this one, stick with the 9600XT. Unless you are willing to wait for while to save another AUD$100 more to get a Nvidia 6600GT.

    By the way, Compguy, newegg currently does not take international orders and ship to Australia.
  7. compguy

    compguy TS Rookie Posts: 162

    Yeah I just relized that my self.
  8. AMD2800+

    AMD2800+ TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Well more to the point which of the chips in that vague pricerange (i could go over $200, and it will be january 06 purchase) provide the best performance? Any links to benchmark test results or something? Is the new X700 any good? Qs, Qs. Oh yeah, any brands better than the rest from your experience/knowledge?
    Just trying to cover all bases - thanks for all your responses peeps :)
  9. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    Personally, I'd suggest waiting with the research until a time much closer to the purchase date, as I can assure you that things will have change quite a lot by then...

    The new series from both ATI and nvidia will have hit the streets, most likely with new offerings within your pricepoint that will make any suggestion we make to you now moot...
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