Best way to Wireless Network?

By volume3k
Feb 13, 2007
  1. I recently got a laptop with a wireless modem and want to connect it to the wired router downstairs. I want to do it on the cheap so I can avoid buying a wireless router. Is there any other way that I can get the laptop online without cables?

    I saw a wireless USB data transfer thing in a shop recently dont know if they have anything to do with Networking, a USB option from the laptop to the router would be handy.

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 9,315   +618

    A wireless connection will always be slower than a cabled connection, regardless
    of the USB -- the radio send/recv (wireless) becomes the limitation.

    USB thruput specs are applicable to wired connections, eg system <-> HD
    or even system <-> WiFi adaptor, but the WiFi <- ... radio ... -> laptop will
    thwart the thruput.
  3. foozy

    foozy TS Rookie Posts: 139

    So you want to connect your laptop, without wires, to a router that can't transmit a wireless signal?

    That's got me stumped. If you live in the city theres almost always wireless within range, though.
  4. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    You have to buy something :)

    If you don't want a wireless router, get a wireless access point instead. Wireless routers tend to be even cheaper than dedicated APs though.
    Or, if you want to be really hip, get a wireless ethernet bridge set ($2000 :D )

    Really, the cheapest way is some 30-50 feet of cable :)
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