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By Yoxy99
Mar 28, 2005
  1. I have been asked to start in building a webpage for my place of employment and I have started out using an angelfire webpage and making it that way but the html is pretty tedious and i was just wondering if there were an easier software out there to make a website and where is a good place to go to start my site seeing as i have the money to pay for web space ?? please help
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    There are a few approaches here.
    The way of least resistance, but not very comfortable to work with, is MS FrontPage
    The easy way for beginners is using Netobjects Fusion from
    They happen to have a promotion-sale until 31 March 2005.
    My favourite way is buying a ready-made template from companies such as
    They include all the coding and lots of different tactics, in very attractive packages from $20 ~ $160. Each page has full instructions (when open in an HTLM-editor) on what to modify, how and where. An absolute delight.
    For web-hosting I prefer who are also known as
    For editing HTLM the most popular is CoffeeCup HTLM Editor. Personally I prefer a simpler program, namely the EditPad Pro from which has amongst others tabbed editing and syntax-code colouring depending on file-extension.
    This should get you started.

    Just found this incredible host-package:
  3. Samstoned

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    firstpage 2000 is free works with 98 se don't know bout Win 2K or XP
    it was a great program as I remember
    I have moved on to dreamweaver from macromedia
    also one called hotdog I bought a version on ebay for 5 usd cost more to ship to me :knock:
    I don't like MS editors for websites to exclusive
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