Betaworks buys social news aggregator for $500,000

By Shawn Knight
Jul 12, 2012
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  1. New York technology studio Betaworks has agreed to acquire social news aggregator Digg and all of its remaining assets as part of a deal rumored to be valued at only $500,000. It's quite the reality check for a site and……

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  2. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 914   +391 wow, haven't heard that one in years. Didn't know it was still around.
    Do they still have the trolls, fake posters, in fighting, political bias that they had years ago?
    If they do, then someone spent about 400,000.00 too much.
  3. TJGeezer

    TJGeezer TS Enthusiast Posts: 385   +10

    @p52d007, I dunno about all that stuff. I mean, you tend to find trolls everywhere, making intentionally provocative statements. Even here. As for political bias, I just thought the comment sections tended to attract people who were literate and aware, which probably self-selected for what you perceived as a site bias. Seriously, just in terms of language usage, there was a world of difference between the Digg comment areas and those of, shall we say, less biased news aggregators. Probably says more about me than about the sites, but I simply lack patience to wade through other people's inchoate rage and incoherent insult-tossing. With Digg, I left because of the final version's intentionally crippled interface, but have to admit all the front-page trivia stories of the Man Eats 100 Snails variety got tiresome long before that.

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