Big thanks for recommending Kapersky

By biscuit
Aug 10, 2007
  1. Hi, I read posts every month or two but haven't logged on for a long while, and figured it's high time I said thanks.

    Kapersky AV/Internet Security was recommended about 18 months ago when I had 2 worms and multiple trojans despite Norton. I'd used and liked NAV for many years until that worthless 2005 version. So I tried several of the free AV programs that were suggested, but as my computer is constantly under attack for some reason, none of those programs had me feeling very secure. Then I did the online Kapersky scan and downloaded the 30-day trial version to rid my computer of visitors. I loved the program at first glance so bought a subscription.

    The two things I like best about it are that new definitions can be downloaded just about every hours, so it's always current; and since it is so current, the program detects new threats up to 2 days before others do. I don't see Kapersky listed among suggested AV programs on very many tech sites, so had I not found it here, I'd still be whining about viruses. Thanks a million all of you!

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