BIOS Recovery Error 500 screen after accidental power-plug pull

  1. Hello. My power-plug to my HP 6730b laptop accidentally pulled out and shut off my laptop yesterday (my backpack slid off the table I was working at, taking the power cable with it). I turned it back on and came to a black BIOS Recovery Error 500 screen at startup. However, the screen quickly returned to the normal Windows startup routine (I did not touch any buttons) and opened to my Windows homepage just fine. I did a proper restart, and did not see that error screen again. It's been a day and everything seems fine. My question is: should I do anything to make sure my laptop is really okay? Did I damage my laptop? I'd appreciate any advice. I don't want to do more damage, if I am doing anymore damage at all. Thank-you for taking a look at my question, and thank-you for any help you can provide. The specs to my laptop (to the best of my knowledge - I'm no computer/laptop expert) are below.

    HP 6730b
    Windows 10
    Intel Centrino 2
    250GB HD
    3GB Ram
    SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio


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