BIOS starts then fails

  1. well currently,i left my pc on,no problems have happened with it b4,i leave it on like every night and restart it 4-5 times a day, well,my computer stars up,shows the dell sign,then it go to blank screen and has like a white line like its gonna write something but never does and just sits there and never boots up

    got any solution how to fix? it never happened b4 till today
  2. Tedster

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    check the PSU with a PSU tester or a known, working PSU. Or your CMOS battery is dead. Could also be bad or failed ram if you're not getting any boot at all. Do you have any BIOS beeps? Consult my guide if you do.
  3. zatchbell32505

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    well,when i turn it it,it has no beeps,i think it used to have beeps like 2 quick short beeps when it turned on,but now doesnt beep at ALL.It goes to the dell bios screen and then it it just doesnt work,you no just jas a little line like its bout to write something but it doesnt,but yeaa,no beeps

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