Black Screen After Installing Video Card Software

By hundredblades
Feb 18, 2007
  1. I recently decided to upgrade my video driver for my nVidia GeForce FX 5200 128mb graphics card. Everything went ok until it finished instal, where it asks to reboot computer, it just went blank with a black screenand a blinking cursor in the top right corner.

    After this, we rebooted the computer, it would load up normally, even the part with Windows Xp icon loading, then it would stay could even hear the buttons and errors through the speakers, indicating(i think) that it was booting everything up.

    After that we did a recovery, it brought it back to normal, except now...without any software for the graphics card, so when we put in the disc and loaded it up, it gets halfway through and does the same thing when we reload it back up. Thinking it was the video card, we take it out and buy the same one(except with 256mb now) and try installing it. Again, it did the same thing. It works kinda good until we instal the software...and it is recognizing the hardware b/c it says it has found it.

    I have read the refresh rate needs to be 60hertz, mine is when I install it. I am about to hit my computer with a sledge hammer, does anyone have any idead on what the problem is. It would really be appreciated, Thank You.
  2. Herbster63

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    What Sort Of Motherboard Is It And Was You Using Onboard Graphics Before Card Install ?
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