Black screen @ startup problem

By Mafra
Nov 29, 2005
  1. ok i've had this problem for sometime now and i didn't know how to fix it so i reformated the whole HD and reinstalled windows from scratch. After that, it was working fine for couple of days but i recently start getting the same problem @ startup, the computer freezes on black screen after the windows startup screen.

    my computer stats:

    p4 2.6 ghz
    1g ram
    80 gb HDD
    160 gb external HDD
    optical mouse
    nvidia 5200fx
  2. skalra63

    skalra63 TS Rookie

    have you overclocked your graphics card? when i over clock my grapics card its hangs longer on that black screen, when it restarts without shutting down properly it stays for ages
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