Black Water Clan - BF2

By erbyy2000
Apr 25, 2007
  1. Hi Bf2 soldiers,

    A new Bf2 clan is born. Tag [BW] aka Black Water ( not related with Black Water Company ) We are a bunch of mature BF2 fanatics,who would like to invite you all for a friendly game. We are running 3 - NO a**s g**y rules - servers,BF2 - Karkand inf only,2142,and Desert Combat, located in Chicago, so a decent ping is available.
    ``Of course`` we are currently recruiting 18+ members,but is not required for joining our servers from time to time to have fun. Here is our info,and after you`ll play a game or more with us,and you will decide that you want more,jump on TS to know each other. An acute sense of humor is a must.
    No one will be kicked out of server if your a bunny hoper, a base rapist,or you don`t revive an I`ve said above is a no stupid rules server.But you will be kicked off, if you are a stat padder,glitcher,hacker or some other nasty specie.We`ll be happy to play with you,even though you are a private or general as well.

    in the battlefield,

    Info :
    TS IP :
    BF2 Karkand inf only IP : :16567
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