Blackscreen w/cursor, windows 10

By Morcrux
Oct 3, 2016
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  1. Problem occured when I ran a set-up for 3D visuals in Nvidia control panel. My monitors probably ain't capable of running 3D at all, but a videogame asked me to edit some 3D-related settings and I suppose I took a wrong step.
    Anyways, I quit the set-up wizard and screen's been black since, only the cursor to be shown.

    I can still do things on my computer, as I see the cursor load and the hand symbol when draggin windows around, but I can't see anything. Been trying to change settings by predicting where to click, but needless to say it didn't work well.

    I can also boot into BIOS, but haven't been able to get into either low-res mode or Safe Mode. Don't have a recovery CD either (or cd port even).

    Is there any way to solve this without restarting everything?
    There's some files I really don't want deleted there...

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