blank disc crash

By Riley50
Feb 14, 2007
  1. When I put a blank dvd or cd into my NEC AD-5170A writer it appears that the disc is "read", then is immediately "read" a second time when my PC either (usually) reboots or displays a blue 'stopped to protect your computer' screen. Other discs are no problem.
    I have a motley collection of dvd drivers both signed and unsigned. Currently Windows XP Home thinks an unsigned one from my (Pinnacle) video editing software is best! Why is there not a standard driver?
    I have removed the writer from Device Manager and rebooted also tried New Hardware Wizard but still the same driver.
    As this is a new writer I do not really want to buy yet another new one. I presume it is a driver problem - so how do I change drivers? It is not obvious to me!!
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,573   +65

    This is probably caused by one of those virtual drive access drivers you have installed.

    I would try uninstalling software one by one to see what program or combination of programs are causing the issue. Pinnacle is a good example, as well as AnyDVD, DVD43 etc.. and any virtual drive / image drive software you may have such as Nero InCD, VirtualClonedrive etc... When you uninstall, it should also remove the virtual device driver.

    Once you find the application responsible, see if there are updates. It is possible updates may address some incompatibilities, although I wouldn't count on it. :\
  3. Riley50

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    Hi Rick thanks for the speedy response. I was focussed on drivers but you sent me off to software forums - I could not be alone if this was the answer! Yes, Pinnacle Media Suite has a reputation for this sort of thing (and no acknowledgement or fix forthcoming)! I have uninstalled it and now can insert blank discs with no adverse affects
    Thanks again
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