blank dvd causes bsod

By Riley50
Dec 17, 2006
  1. Hi - after a long period of stability my pc suddenly started to show a bsod and restart when i put a disc into my dvd drive. It only happens when i insert a blank cd or dvd. Games dvds/music cds are no problem.
    I have subsequently changed my dvd writer, done a clean install of windows xp home on another hdd. Same problem!
    Then on one occasion I followed thru to a Microsoft webpage which suggested it is the video card and to turn off the 'hardware acceleration' and to disable 'write . combining'. This appeared to solve the problem. So my workaround is to burn (ie only time blanks are inserted) on one boot and games (inc intense users like Oblivion) on the other.
    The crash is not instant but appears to be after an interrogation of the drive and brief pause.
    I have a P4 3.4 running @ around 45C, 6600GT graphics card and an Enermax 600W psu. I think I have run diagnostic checks on everything and use Registry Mechanic and Disckeeper.
    This is naff and irritating and picky! So any ideas please?
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