blue lines and a checker board

By scrims
May 18, 2007
  1. Hi guys and gals, new here but a friend told me this is a good site for info and troubleshooting. I have an AMD athlon 64 dual core 2.2 KN1 SLI-light mother board, 2gig of ram, a Daimond viper x800 GTO SLI video card, dunno about power supply. I have had the computer since june 13 2006 and use it for more or less gaming (world of warcraft) strictly.

    I was using my computer last night and every thing was running perfect. When i started using it today i noticed blue verticle lines in collums going up and down on my monitor (19'' LCD flatscreen) in a checkerboard pattern that flickered on and off, in and out of the game. I hooked up my old monitor and i still had the lines. So i put my LCD back on and after awhile of trying to upgrade my video card drivers and it didnt fix anything, but after an hour or 2 textures begain to become deformed an terrain misshapped. Now it seems like it just shows blue, green, and everything between and when im starting it up i see everything till it gets to my desktop (im still getting the buggy video throughout the startup) and once i get to the desktop it goes black and after like 30 seconds it restarts my computer. If i goto safemode i still get the poot video but it doesnt restart my computer and i can see and use the desktop.

    I am wondering if it is my video card or if it could be something more serious then just replacing a card. Any and all help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Tedster

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    possible problems:
    card not seated well
    card overheating
    cpu overheating
    ram failing - check with memtest 86+
    insufficient power
    psu failing - check with psu tester / multimeter
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