blue n purple display

By vega
Nov 15, 2003
  1. One problem that I encounter with depressing regularity over the past 15 years is this - at some stage, the monitors screen suddenly turns cyan/blue/purple and can only be returned to its proper state by 'jiggling' the monitors connector cable (usually the part where theres a cylindrical dongle), more often than not, the monitor can be returned to its proper display but sometimes, the problem gets steadily worse until no amount of manipulating can restore it.
    As I said, this problem has cropped up on a fairly regular basis and I've had to dump 2-3 monitors because of this - my question is this - if its the cable thats at fault, can this be replaced or is it yet another case of dumping yet another perfectly good monitor?
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    I have seen this problem many times before as well. I am also currently experiencing this same problem with one of my monitors, and sometimes it is because one of the pins got bent, or disconnected and isn't making a proper connection on the monitor or the gfx card. That is why shaking it will sometimes fix it, if it is just a bad connection. But I have also had to get rid of 2 monitors because they haven't been shakable to fix anymore. Unfortunately I don't think there is anything you can do to help fix this problem :(
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