Bluescreen for on apparent reasons

By MyTampax
Apr 25, 2014
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  1. Hello,

    I recently bought a new computer I built myself.
    A few days ago I decided to open my old one to save what I could.

    I found my old harddrive and decided to use it as a second one for my new computer. Everything seemed to work fine then.

    But now I keep getting bluescreen for no reasons (sometimes while playing, sometimes just when listening to music).

    Do you have any idea where this issue could come from ?

    BCCode: f4
    BCP1: 0000000000000003
    BCP2: FFFFFA8008324B30
    BCP3: FFFFFA8008324E10
    BCP4: FFFFF800037DF7B0
    OS Version: 6_1_7601
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 256_1

    Thanks !

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  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Your boot drive may be corrupted or failing...
  3. MyTampax

    MyTampax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your answer.

    I'll add a few more details.
    I sometimes get this weird issue : while playing my mouse suddenly stop responding. Nothing works anymore (cursor doesn't more, click doesn't work). After a few seconds it starts working again. It can happen up to 1 times/hour. I dunno if this could be related.

    About the harddrive. It is a new one. I recently plugged my old one (~8yo). Could the error come from this one instead ? Is it sure the harddrive is the failing one or could it be something else? (software/driver related?).

    Thanks for the help
  4. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Any updates on this My Tampax?
  5. MyTampax

    MyTampax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes it eventually works better now.
    I ran the Win7 harddrive scan on both my harddrives.

    It has been working great since then. I still sometimes get a freeze (PC stops working, have to reboot it manually).
    But it looks like the bluescreens are gone.

    So yeah, certainly harddrive related as you said !

    Thanks for the advice.

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